Rob Viktum – An Audio Tribute To The Cambodian People

“This album was produced entirely by Rob Viktum. All cuts were composed by Mr Dibbs. All artists appear courtesy of good faith on some real human being ish!!!

A little background on why I did this record. I have had the pleasure of being a part of a Cambodian family for the last 4 years, through my girlfriend. I was completely oblivious to the Khmer Rouge and the horrors they put their people through. I made this record to hopefully raise awareness to this, and to put the power in your hands to do research and find out for yourself, what our government did to the people of Cambodia, and what our involvementt in Cambodia gave birth to. Okay, go research, and learn…. off my soap box…all the beats on this record were made with Vinyl that my Girlfriends father brought over from Cambodia years ago, and gave to me. I will forever be in debt to him and his family for taking me in and teaching me about Cambodian Culture. This record is for them.”

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