Mondayjazz #51 – A La Fu

Endlich ist es soweit! Extra um 6:30 Uhr aufgestanden um den neuen Mondayjazz-Mix zu hören. Jetzt ist er endlich online…

A La Fu ist diese Woche für den musikalischen Start in die Woche verantwortlich und hat den Mix “Are You Hung Up?” getauft.

1. Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica
2. Mum – I’m 9
3. Modeselektor – In Loving Memory
4. Clinic – Voodoo Wop
5. ISAN – Akatombo
6. Reanimator – Phase Constellation/Diskombah
7. Feedle – Song For Dogs
8. Found – Some Fracas Of A Sissy
9. Moderat – Mode 2
10. Bjork – Where Is The Line
11. Amber – Unknown
12. A La Fu – Misadventure
13. A La Fu – Incidental Music
14. Neutral Milk Hotel – Untitled


“From indie almost-not-rock to electronic trembling, from clicks to continuous harmony, from solid rhythm to calm statics, from a mood of summer evening to some tunes of a futuristic Turkish sauna – that’s the way the compilation sounds – surprising, yet interesting, the whole mood combines diverse styles by A La Fu for you and Mondayjazz.”