Sage Francis – “Best of Times” Video und Audio-Interview

Video von Sage Francis neuem Album Li(f)e. Das Lied wurde produziert vom französischen Multi-Instrumental-Menschen Yann Tiersen. Im Lied verarbeitet Paul “Sage” Francis einige schmerzhafte Stationen seines Lebens. Der Produzent des Videos, Kyle Harbough selbst sagt:

“The theme behind the images is basically if you could attend your own funeral – how would you look back on your life? Would you find humor in things that seemed like the end of the world at the time? And if you could send back advice to your younger self, what is it you would say? … It was just an incredible creative opportunity. Yann’s music has this grand cinematic feel which gives “The Best of Times” a definite filmic pace; like a three act story structure. And it made it incredibly exciting to design shots which complimented both Sage’s lyrics and the tone and pace of the music. You could really just close your eyes and the images would flow freely.” – Kyle Harbough

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Hier noch ein Telefon-Interview welches Steven Blaqart von Punk Radio Cast mit Sage Francis über dessen neues Album geführt hat.

Sage Francis – LI(F)E Interview (conducted by Steven Blaqart) by Strange Famous Records