Astroboter – Delights For Psychic Minds Mix Part I

Im Zuge des Dubütalbums von Astroboter und dem 10-jährigen Labelbestehen von Switchstance Recordings ist dieser Mix entstanden.

“This mix takes you on a ride through LSD-drenched Psychedelic Rock, surreal Library Music and ends with Jazz & Sitars, played in the dark woods.”

Wer Part II auch noch haben möchte muss auf vorbeischauen…


  1. Barry Forgie – Dawn Mists (Peer International Library Limited)
  2. Frumpy – How The Gipsy Was Born (Philips)
  3. The Open Mind – Magic Potion (Philips)
  4. Erik – Look Where I Am (Vanguard)
  5. The Prodigal – Reality (Mercury)
  6. 13th Floor Elevators – Dear Dr. Doom (International Artists)
  7. Damon – Oh What A Good Boy Am I (Ankh)
  8. Brian Bennett – Darkside (Bruton Music)
  9. Flat Earth Society – Dark Street Downtown (Psycho Records)
  10. Yatha Sidra – A Meditation Mass – Part III (Brain)
  11. Mal Waldron & Terumasa Hino – Reminicent Suite (Nippon Victor)
  12. Espen Eriksen Trio – In The Woods (Rune Grammofon)
  13. Kali Bahlu – Cosmic Remembrance (World Pacific)
  14. Sagram – Becky’s Dance (Windmill)
  15. Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme (WB Records)