Moderator – Street Bangerz Volume 10

Ziemlich geschmeidige Musik, die das Label Cold Busted und Moderator da raushauen… File under Instrumental Hip-Hop, Abstract Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Jazz-Hop.

Für mehr Infos hier noch der Pressetext zur am 1. Juli 2016 erscheinenenden Platte.

“Cold Busted’s famed Street Bangerz series has reached its tenth installment, continuing to, in the words of the label, “define the street sound of today.” Indoctrinating global beatmakers into Cold Busted’s extended family, the series promises nimble sample archeology and breakbeats both funky and soulful, combining flavors from the new and old schools. The Athens, Greece, producer Moderator has been tasked with number ten, and he delivers in a champion fashion. Last year’s The World Within album for Cult Classic Records gave a tantalizing taste of what to expect from Moderator as Street Bangerz Volume 10 now rolls onto the scene. Fifteen tracks of bouncing beat-head hotness are introduced by the crucial soul-breaks of “Ain’t Nobody Change My Mind” … and it won’t take much further than “Trouble”’s Jamaican-style skank in the following track to realize the variety of sounds presented here. “Underground Dopiness” and “Keep On”, a couple of classic-themed hip hop tracks featuring Los Angeles rhyme crew Revolutionary Rhythm, and appearances by female emcee Maicee and soulful vocalist Heeni also display Moderator’s impressive sonic breadth. But the cohesive thread throughout is Moderator’s keen production acumen and solid beats, keeping this edition of Street Bangerz on track for repeated listens and dance floor plays.”

Touching Bass – Buster Williams strings along the Jazz Jousters

Millennium Jazz Music - Touching Bass - Buster Williams strings along the Jazz Jousters - Touching Bass - Buster Williams strings along the Jazz Jousters

Erst kürzlich von The Jazz Jousters / Millenium Jazz Music aus London veröffentlicht, das Ding. Jazz-Hop würde ich sagen…

“It was suggested within the group that the Jousters attempt to work with a bass player for this session and the choice was Charles Anthony Williams aka Buster Williams, an American Jazz Bassist from Camden, New Jersey. The sample source was Williams and co’s version of ‘Pygmy’s Lullaby ‘.”

Mr Dirty Hairy – Jazz Fanatik Volume 3 (Mix)

“One day around September 2010 in Zagreb whilst sipping a nice English tea outside in the final days of summer , i thought i’d pull my finger out and put together another mix tape.”
– Mr Dirty Hairy

Und genau so entstand “Jazz Fanatik Volume 3“, ein smoother, ich sage mal Jazz-Hop Mix.