Friends of Friends: Asura – I Am The Homonculus

Der Folge-Mix von Kpers FoF-Mix kommt von Asura. Einem Produzent aus Los Angeles.
Eine ordentliche Portion Weltmusik, ein paar Beats und Ambient Kram… guter Mix.

Asura selbst sagt:

“My musical tree spanning the past five years, full of old ones, friends’ ones, and my ones. Los Angeles is represented deep while paying special attention to certain very very important tracks in my development (especially pay attention to “The Big Ship”, “Outdoor Miner”, “I Am A Scientist”, and “Tommib”). Searching for the oppositions of melody/noise, order/chaos, pop/non-pop, and all that good bullshit. Mostly just enjoy, I know I did.”
– Asura

Asura – I Am The Homonculus – Friends of Friends Mix by FoFMusic


  1. Asura – All Our Favorite Colors
  2. Gyorgy Ligeti – Concerto for Violin and Orchestra-1. Praeludium Vivacissimo Luminoso
  3. Masanka Sankayi – Le Laboureur
  4. Dimlite – On The Same Picture (feat. Elan Tamara)
  5. Joji Hirota – Fire Dragon
  6. Arthur Russell – Answers Me
  7. Aco – Machi
  8. Supersilent – 6.4
  9. Fennesz – Glide
  10. Brian Eno – The Big Ship
  11. Dak – Rolling Hills
  12. Baths – Hall (Asura Remix)
  13. Kate Bush – Suspended In Gaffa
  14. Matthewdavid – Know You’re Not Alone
  15. Can – Vitamin C
  16. Anenon – Damiel
  17. Grouper – Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping
  18. Four tet/Burial – Moth (feat. Ana Caravelle and Bjork)
  19. Wire – Outdoor Miner
  20. Guided By Voices – I Am Scientist
  21. Squarepusher – Tommib
  22. Ana Caravelle – Blackberries (Asura Source)
  23. Asura – Silver Trees
  24. Arthur Russell – A Sudden Chill

Wem die Musik von Asura gefällt, der sollt auch mal bei vorbeischauen. Da gibt´s einiges zum Herunterladen…

via / via / Bild stammt von Shaun “Sodapop” Koplow

Kper – My Friends, My Family [Mix]

Ein großartiger Mix vom großartigen Kper manchen auch bekannt als Laurent Fintoni von z.B. Rhythm-Inc.

Zum Mix selbst sagt Laurent:

The mix itself is a pretty intense ride with 27 tracks in 45 minutes but I hope people get as much enjoyment from it as I did putting it together and that it leads to them checking out the artists and supporting them. The mix features a heap of exclusives, unreleased tracks and forthcoming releases. I have worked with every artist and/or label featured in this mix, so this is truly a snapshot of my friends and family.

– Laurent Fintoni a.k.a. Kper

Hab eigentlich nicht mehr zu sagen, Hiphop, Beats, teilweise Instrumental, teilweise mit Gesang/Raps, oft synthetische Beats gehen in einen Dubstep-Part über und enden in frickel-Elektronik. OK gemixt und sehr schmeichelnd für die Gehörgänge. Teilweise ganz schöne Kopfnicker dabei. Der Mix ist ein Gastmix für das Friends of Friends Label.

FoF Presents: Kper – My Friends My Family by FoFMusic


  1. Ken One – Mind Rain – Unreleased (Japan)
  2. Danny Breaks – Hemisphere – Forthcoming Groove Attack (UK)
  3. Dday One – Contamined Energy – Unreleased (USA)
  4. And – Untitled beat – Unreleased (UK)
  5. Onra – Iron – Forthcomig Ubeat (France)
  6. Uncle Lew – Chop Chop remix – Unreleased (Ireland / Canada)
  7. Lorn – Running Ink – Unreleased (USA)
  8. Tatsuki – Kiyasu Breaks – Original Cultures (Japan)
  9. Ernesto Gonzales – Self Awakening (Take remix) – FoF Music (USA)
  10. Othello Grey – Feeling (BJu remix) – Unreleased (Germany)
  11. Fulgeance – Smartbanging – One Handed Music (France)
  12. 2phast – MoynaQ – Unreleased (Italy)
  13. Paul White – Body Spirals pt2 – Forthcoming One Handed Music (UK)
  14. Throwing Snow – Elephant Trees – Unreleased (UK)
  15. Grems ft Foreign Beggars – Brockabilly (Machine Drum remix) – Forthcoming (France/UK/USA)
  16. Skyfish – Heso Cha remix – Unreleased (Japan)
  17. Om Unit – Searching – Forthcoming Stretched Records (UK)
  18. ENA – Drop – Unreleased (Japan)
  19. Foreign Beggars – No Holds Barred (Goth Trad remix) – Forthcoming Dented Records (UK/Japan)
  20. Dong – Suzuran (LV + Quarta330 remix) – Hyperdub (UK/Japan)
  21. Lone Wolf – Badman – Unreleased (UK)
  22. 100 Mado – Club Asia – Unreleased (Japan)
  23. Jamie Vex’d – Saturn’s Reply – Planet Mu (UK)
  24. The Bug ft. Flowdan and Killa P – Skeng (Kode 9 remix) – Hyperdub (UK)
  25. XLII – Podgy Swing – Raid System/Fubar (Ukraine/Japan)
  26. Om Unit – The Corridor (Shigeto remix) – Forthcoming Terrorhythm (UK/USA)